Saturday, 18 May 2024

Citizens' Union Paremvassi

The Citizens' Union PAREMVASSI is a non-profit, non-party citizens' association, founded in 1995. It is among the NGOs with the longest history in Greece having focused for the past 10 years its research and activities on citizens' rights. Since 1999 it publishes the quarterly review "Civil Society" (Koinonia Politon), whose electronic version since 2004 is sent every week to 880 PAREMVASSI members/friends and periodically to other 3000"Digital Friends". PAREMVASSI is based in Athens with branches in Thesssaloniki and London and is a member of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO).

Its main objective, as specified in its constitution, is the promotion of civil society in Greece, within the framework of the country's European modernization and the promotion of the public interest. The central aim of the Union is the "empowered citizen" in a progressive knowledge society for all. Since 1999 the Citizens' Union PAREMVASSI has acquired the characteristics of a citizens' online think tank combined with activist intervention through the Internet. One of the main issues it has put forward is the promotion of a new Governance model at a national as well as at a European level, which will guarantee a more balanced relationship between the state, the market and the citizens.